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Adventurous bucket list

Adventurous bucket list

What adventures headline your bucket list?

Running with the bulls in Spain? Skydiving? Or swimming with sharks in Hawaii? Perhaps it’s hiking Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

These activities may not grab your attention, unless you are Margie Trudeau, a 38-year-old mother of four boys and instructor at Premier Health and Fitness Center.

And, by the way, add a triathlon to the mix and you have named the portion of Trudeau’s endless list that she plans to complete by next year.

“Crossing off my bucket list,” Trudeau said. “That’s pretty much all I’m doing – crossing off things that I’ve been wanting to do.”

Trudeau makes it sound simple.

The adventurist crossed off two items on that list over a two-week span last month.

Trudeau survived the 903-yard sprint with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, unscathed. She followed it a visit to her family in Hawaii, where she swam with sharks from the safety of a shark cage.

Last October, for her birthday celebration, Trudeau went skydiving.

Up next, Trudeau intends to conquer the Half Ironman triathlon (1.9-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile swim) and climb Mount Kilimanjaro (nearly 20,000 feet above sea level).

Trudeau said the experience that encouraged her to face these challenges was much more difficult.

“I went through a divorce,” Trudeau explained.

“After that, I finally decided not to let anybody stop me from doing the things I want to do. I always put somebody else’s dreams before mine. I’m not letting that or any fears hold me back anymore.

“Learning to overcome anything and following my dreams has been the best part of it all.”

Trudeau also credited her military upbringing for helping her adjust and to chase her goals. Trudeau’s mother, Army veteran Patricia Samson, expressed a similar sentiment.

“She was a military brat growing up, so she became used to traveling and going on adventures,” Samson said of her daughter.

“I’m very happy about the things she’s doing today. Life is too short. I am proud of her.”

Trudeau combines discipline, time management and energized love/passion to be both a mother to a 10-year-old and 6-year-old triplets and an athlete.

She trains daily in the morning before her shift starts at Premier Health and Fitness Center. She also squeezes in a second workout before picking up her boys from school, often mixing swimming, running, cycling and weight training during her sessions.

Trudeau says her sons motivate her.

“I want them to be inspired by me,” she said. “They have to look up to me, and I have to teach them that it’s important to really live life.”

Che Coleman, Trudeau’s training partner and boyfriend, said the most enjoyable aspect about Trudeau’s lifestyle is the eagerness it brings.

“She’s one of those people who find something she’s interested in, grabs onto it, and devotes her full-time to it,” said Coleman, who joined Trudeau in Span and ran with the bulls, and also plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Trudeau next year.

“It’s very impressive because nothing stops her. With her, I always wonder, ‘what’s next.’ It’s always a question of what can we dream up next? She’s been introduced to a world where the sky is the limit.”

But not every item on Trudeau’s list is ambitious.

Trudeau also plans to attend Mardi Gras, visit the safari in Kenya, ride a hot air balloon and eat at Serendipity III in New York City.

“I have some small things on my list, too,” she said.