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Tandem Skydiving

Kilimanjaro–Like you’ve never seen it

Climb Kili offers Tandem Skydiving out of the Moshi Aerodrome. Tandem skydiving takes one hour per customer. Climb Kili jump 7 days a week starting at 7 a.m. to sunset, weather permitting.


Tandem skydiving is the ideal way for someone to experience the thrill of free falling and parachuting without the lengthy training required for solo skydiving. Also another bonus is a scenic flight of the area.
With an informative 10 minute training session from a highly qualified instructor the client and instructor take off from Moshi Aerodrome along with an optional Photographer for a 25 minute scenic flight to altitude. Before jumping the customer is securely harnessed and attached to the expert jump master.

Over Moshi town the tandem pair, jump from the aircraft at an altitude of approximately 10,000ft and free fall for 30 seconds at terminal velocity to the altitude of 5000 feet. The parachute is then opened by the jump master and begins the peaceful and scenic flight back to the ground, with Kilimanjaro providing one of the worlds greatest parachuting backdrops! See it from a truly unique point of view. It’s hard to imagine a more dynamic venue for your first, or return jump.

Once you have touched the skies and tasted the clouds nothing will ever be quite the same again.


The scenic flight time to altitude is 30 minutes
The free fall lasts up to 35 seconds
Free fallspeed is 120 miles an hour (200 kilometers an hour)
The parachute is opened at 5000 feet
Parachute flight is approx 4 – 5 minutes
Landings are typically gentle and right on target
Bookings are essential for Sky Dive.

SKY DIVE PRICES (all prices in US dollars)

Tandem Skydive($299)
Freefall DVD or Stills ($150)
Freefall DVD and Stills ($150)