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Abhishek & Vaishnavi Chandrasekaran–Dubai

Abhishek & Vaishnavi Chandrasekaran–Dubai

We are extremely happy with Climkili for helping us achieve this epic feat! It was one of the most unique experience we have ever had. Climbing to the top was no easy task, but Climbkili provided us the best guides and team to help us reach the summit.

Our guides, Goodluck and Francis were amazing! They kept motivating us throughout the trek. They have such an understanding in between them. Francis would always start ahead with us while Goodluck would make sure the crew pack up things and is ready to leave. On the way Goodluck would catch-up and continue the trek. They adjusted to our pace, stopped when we needed breaks and carried our backpacks when we had difficulties. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wishes to choose Climbkili for trekking.

We also enjoyed the safari ride at Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangeri National Park. Our driver/guide, Emmanuel, covered most of the areas and showed us all the animals’ up-close. We both loved the night stay at Crater Lodge in Ngorongoro. Good thing we planned it before the trek as we were totally exhausted and would not have enjoyed the Safari much.

Overall it was an incredible experience with Climbkili!

Thanks again !!


Abhishek & Vaishnavi