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Daniel Titmuss–US

Daniel Titmuss–US

I wanted to reach out to you about my experience with ClimbKili a month ago.  As you know I was part of the Lifewater group that went.  It honestly has taken me some time to fully process what we went through and I am not sure I have done that completely yet, a month later.  It truly was an amazing experience and could not have been that without your organization.  Below I will include an quick excerpt of a letter I sent to people whom supported me on the climb from afar.

Everything was absolutely perfect for the trip.  The only thing I may have changed was arriving a day sooner and staying a day longer.  The lodge and their staff were exceptional!  Everything there could not have been better.  The meal at the end of the trip was a perfect way to celebrate the accomplishment.  The guides for the Safari and the accommodations for the Safari were tremendous.

As far as the guides and porters, I could not be more thankful for that group of men and what they did for our group.  Herment Mosha is one of the greatest men I have ever met, truly.  His ability to lead his team and our group in such a gentle, yet firmly assertive manor was exceptional.  I told him that great leaders are reflected in those below him.  His men, from the guides, Vada, Good Love, Paul and all the others (there were so many it’s hard to remember all the names) to every porter in the group, would do whatever Herment asked without exception!  They would do anything for him.  His ability to motivate us, care for us, and make sure we accomplished our goal is something very special in a leader.  There wasn’t one thing that that group of 75 men would not do to make sure we all accomplished our goal.  As I mentioned earlier, here is an excerpt from a letter I sent to some folks back here….

”Well it’s been a little over two weeks since I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro!!   It was truly an amazing experience!  Very hard to put into words.  Frankly, I’m still processing what we did as a group, the impact we have had not only on the lives of so many people in Africa, but on the lives of each other that made the trek together.  There was a group of 21 of us from all over the country, from all walks of life.  All with different circumstances driving us to accomplish this goal.  I was prepared physically and mentally for this journey.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional impact this had on our lives as a group.  I truly believe God put us together at that moment in time because all 21 of us needed each other to accomplish this, to fill voids, and to heal.  To say that the 21 of us will be bonded together for life is an understatement!  It truly was a life changing event that’s hard to explain.

We had an amazing group of guides and porters!  Some of the most selfless and grateful people I have ever met.   75 of them to help make sure we accomplished our goal.  They would set up camp, cook food,  help heal you if you were sick, mend you if you were hurt, motivate you if you were tired, cheer you up if you were struggling.  They sang to us every day, a prayer for a safe journey ahead.  They would leave camp after us, beat us to the next camp and have everything set up again (including 3 separate latrines Christine, LOL) Truly amazing men.”

I can’t tell you truly how much that group of men had an impact on me personally, and on our group.  I thought we were having an impact on them, but absolutely the opposite.  Though the names will fade, the faces and the time never will.  I am very grateful for those men and the character and selflessness they displayed toward us.  That impact on my life is a debt that can never be repaid!!   Thank you again for everything!  Your organization is absolutely the best!

Take Care