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Derek Smith–US

Derek Smith–US

I had a tremendous time climbing Kilimanjaro last week. The service by the whole team was top of the line. Getting picked up from the airport and checking into the hotel at 4am went seamlessly. Sia did a great job ensuring we were all prepared for our hike.

On the mountain Herment and his crew were a blast. They were extremely hard working, yet very friendly and fun to be around. Due to their excellent service we made it up the mountain with ease.

I would like to specifically mention Herment’s skills as a guide. He ensured we were properly briefed and prepared for each day well in advance. His knowledge of the mountain and ability to motivate us had us completely confident in our ability to succeed and the whole team supporting us.

Innocent was one of my favorite members of the crew. He seemed to be every where all the time. He was our go to guy for everything. In addition to his professionalism, we loved all the songs he would lead in the morning and his support as we finished each day.

Although this is not something we would have known ahead of time, staying at Kosovo camp on summit night was critical to our success. When talking to friends in the future about Climb Kili I will mention this as once of the best parts of our route. We really appreciate all the planning that went into out trip.

I will also be writing a Trip Adviser review in due time.

Best, Derek