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E. Bezini–UK

E. Bezini–UK

I cannot speak highly enough of ClimbKili. Having just returned home from a successful summit thanks to the help of our mountain team led by guide Emanuel and backed up by Caroline at Summit Safari Lodge in Arusha. From the moment I booked the trip, my arrival in Tanzania, the climb itself and to the return to the airport I was afforded personal courtesy and care.

The trek itself, what a wonderful experience. I traveled alone and met with a great bunch of individuals, Mark and Brett from Australia. James and Kannan from the US and Jimmy and Sarah for UK. I may have been the quiet individual of the group, I’ve never learned anything from talking but listening to the stories of others was amazing and I gained so much from being part of a team that came together and worked to overcome each of our own personal moments of discomfort to achieve a common goal.

If the reality of 6 days on a mountain without your domestic comforts is unbearable then don’t go, it is certainly a test of mental endurance as much as physical. But if you wish to test yourself, see sights of such wonder and ultimately sit back and reflect on a gruelling yet rewarding trip then go for it. But definitely with your eyes open, a walk in the park it is not.

And if you do embark on it. Consider carefully your operator. Climb Kili are a local company that will not exploit you, they will provide you with a safe journey as comfortable as can be possible and it is in no way comfortable at all, but recognise this and you will have the experience of a lifetime.