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Hernando Nieto –US

Hernando Nieto –US

Climbing Kilimanjaro is the dream of many, certainly a dream of mine, and a dream that was completed on 1/5/16. My friends and I selected Climb Kili for the journey and through two terrific guides, Method and Serefi, we were all able to successfully reach the rooftop of Africa.
Climb Kili does an excellent job of preparing meals, carrying all the equipment and ensuring that everything is setup by the time of reaching camp at the end of the day. Climb Kili includes as part of their price a private toilet, which is highly recommended considering the state of the camp site toilets.
Summit day is by far, the most straneous, as you walk about 12 miles total on this day. We started the ascend at midnight and arrived at the peak at 7:15am. I struggled around 5am, and needed the help of our guide carrying my bag, to get to Stella Point. The temperature that morning was about 17F, with a very strong wind which made it between 5 and 10 degrees colder. The peak is remarkable and an awesome experience, we do wish we could have stayed longer up there, considering we spend seven days to get there, it would be great to spend more than half hour there.

Climb Kili highlights: Our guide Method was excellent, he was very accommodating to our needs, was OK changing the route based on our needs, helped carry our bag when we got tired, and also helped my friends look for obsidian rocks that they wanted to take back home to their kids. Method was very willing to answer questions and was easy to talk to, although at times there seemed to be a light language barrier. Method also took us on a day hike after we had arrived to our camp and we got to visit the Shirah Caves, that was pretty neat and worth the extra 45 minute hike. He also measured our heart rate and oxygen level every morning and evening to ensure we were doing OK. I would HIGHLY recommend booking with Method.

Overall i highly recommend Climb Kili and would book with them again. Their summit lodge is pretty good resort although some rooms have some defects, such as working hot showers. Food prices is very reasonable and the staff has drivers available to go tour the city.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a life accomplishment and all i have is great memories from this adventure.