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Jagdish Padmashali –US

Jagdish Padmashali –US

I would like to thank you and your whole team for making our dream of achieving the summit of Kilimanjaro come true. I’d like to also apologize for the delay in responding to your email and the only reason I couldn’t do so in time was because I wanted to give a detailed review which you’d agree takes time.

Firstly, I’d like to start by stating on records that the team lead by Herment Mosha is simply stupendous. Herment and his team were extremely humble, helpful and did everything in their capacity to make us feel comfortable on our 8 day trek. The way they interacted with the us, kept us motivated through our journey was fantastic. Right from the briefing at Arusha to daily briefing at the camps, our unit was well informed on what to expect. The only issue may have been the timing that they used to say vs what we used to take to complete the day hardly matched which we understand is not easy to comprehend.

Key Points that made us love Climb Kili & the team:

  1. Hot meals provided throughout the trek and at times, even the menu was modified to suit our taste. On 8th day, they even had a surprise snack organised in middle of the forest just coz we would have reached the lunch spot by 4pm! Me and my whole group were touched by this gesture of theirs.
  2. Support by the porters – though they are paid for this job, we could see their inclination to help us by offering to pick even our backpacks during the summit attempt.
  3. Morning wake up with a hot drink at our respective tents – This to us was luxury.
  4. Helpful bunch of people who had no inhibitions.. they even tied our shoe laces & helped us put on our gaiters.
  5. Going out of their way – They shared their fleece with one of our members who was feeling extra cold. They also gave their own headlight to another friend of ours who ran out of batteries.
  6. Entertaining – the guys performed almost every morning making the start of our day super charged.
  7. Summit night – They picked our bags, they provided us hot tea and biscuits, they did everything that was needed for us to reach the summit.
  8. On completion of the summit, 6 out of 10 of us were totally exhausted. They literally carries us back, used their hydration tablets for us & did everything in their capacity to keep us safe/out of danger. We owe them big on this gesture.
  9. They helped us capture good videos of the trek at times when we weren’t able to capture them due to difficulties in climb.
  10. We had women in our group and not a single moment any of them felt uncomfortable with any of the staffs… they were decent bunch of boys/men who actually treated the girls like their sister. Cheers to that!
  11. The daily updates you all provided to our families was really helpful. Thanks for that.

It’s only fair to say that Herment and his boys played a huge role in ensuring all 10 of us made it to Uhuru peak and returned back safe.

I’d like to also add that Herment’s loyalty towards ClimbKili.com is simply commendable. He spoke highly for the company, ensured every picture we took the company flag was visible.

Even during the Tip ceremony, while Herment thanked us for the tip he was more keen that we send more and more people to Kilimanjaro and choose climbkili. It’s hard to find such dedicated resources in today’s day and age.

I’d also like to mention that Herment’s core bunch i.e. Justin, Raymond, Good Love, Anton, Innocent, Joshua, Eugene (sorry couldn’t recollect few other names) are all superb & worth appreciating! I’d like to once again thank you and the team for making our journey a pleasant one and our dream a reality.

Attached are few pictures for your perusal. I have just completed making a movie of around 2 Hours 40 minutes (I know it’s looong) and there are lots of places in the video where my team and I have appreciated climbKili. Once I upload the videos on Youtube, will share the link with you. You are free to share them on your website and also with your future clients coz this one video will help people know what to expect when they come to climb the magnificent Kibo mountain & also to know how good your unit is/why they should choose climbKili.com 🙂

Thanks & Regards.