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Jillian Brooks –US

Jillian Brooks –US

Ya’ll have got to trek Kilimanjaro with Climb Kili! I did the 8 day Lemosho trail in early January 2015. My experience was amazing, you could even say life changing. Let me start by saying the mountain is beautiful. Unfortunately I went at the end of the rainy season, so the weather was not perfect. Nonetheless, it did not make my experience any worse. I am glad I did the 8 day trek, as I only had minor altitude sickness (a headache) during the summit. Our group only had four people in it, and three of us successfully summited.

Each day is set up the same. You are woken up with coffee in bed–missing that!! After you change and pack your bags for the day, you head to the mess tent for breakfast. After breakfast, you’re off to the trail. Daily hikes varied from 3-7 hours. We would hike every morning and have lunch when we got to our next campsite. This means long hikes some days. Once you get to camp and have lunch, you will have some free time. We ended up using this time to nap a bit. Some days we did a short hike later on to acclimatize. Every evening we had tea time, followed by dinner. The food everyday was great. I hope you like soup because you will have it for almost every meal–but it was so good. After dinner, we would hand our chef our empty water bottles to be filled with boiling water. This little trick will keep your sleeping bag toasty all night!

The staff were great. Tiffany, the program manager, assisted me in finding the right trek for me. She put me in contact with other solo trekkers who had completed Kili. Everyone had good things to say. The guides were also amazing. They were quite literally the reason I made it to Uhuru Peak. They always had the best spirits and tended to carry my day pack a lot (let me tell you how nice that was!!) What I liked the most about our guides was how knowledgeable they were. They knew everything about the mountain there was to know. I got a crash course in plants and wildlife during my hike. They also made an effort to interact with us on a personal level. We spent many nights sipping hot chocolate and sharing stories about ourselves. The porters were also amazing. Apparently Climb Kili uses mostly the same porters during their treks & pays them well.

Climb Kili was a very budget minded excursion, which is why I picked it. It was priced middle of the line, but came with many “luxuries”. For instance, we had a toilet tent. Trust me you want this! The price also includes the hotel the first and last night.

I was a bit nervous to trek alone in a country I had never been before. Not once did I feel unsafe or uncomfortable. This was by far the best experience of my life! To anyone interested in climbing Kili, do it, and do it with Climb Kili!