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Jonathan Cholak–US

Jonathan Cholak–US

Straight to the point, if you’re thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro stop right here and go with Climb Kili. You will not regret it.

Pre-trip, the booking and communication with the US-based program coordinator Tiffany was fantastic. She answered all of our questions and the response time was very quick. Communications were detailed and informative, making the preparation process very easy.

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport we were met by a Climb Kili representative who helped us gather our gear and drove us to the Summit Lodge in Arusha. The accommodations were fantastic, beyond anything I was anticipating to start off the trip.

Our guide Herment met us that evening and gave us a detailed briefing on the 8 day Lemosho route and was able to arrange any last minute gear needs for folks in our group of six. A little bit about Herment Mosha – this man is a legend and truly the godfather of Kilimanjaro; our trip was his 165th up the mountain and his experience and the respect other guides showed him throughout the journey was apparent. Herment is a legend, and along with his assistant guides Goodlove and Florian, they were the best guides on the mountain hands down.

The climb itself was incredible – the guides and the porters were consummate professionals and incredibly skilled at their jobs. The Climb Kili camp gear (tents, kitchens, toilet etc.) were noticeably better than other operations; it was pretty obvious there was envy from other climbing groups when they saw the relative quality of the Climb Kili setup compared with theirs.

Herment and the other guides ensured that we all were well-prepared, in good health and most importantly in good spirits; the mental component is a massive part of having a successful summit and Herment and team had us covered. They kept the pace appropriately pole pole, and our entire group of six was able to make it together. I am 100% convinced that the guides’ professionalism, experience and attention to our individual conditions are how we were all able to get to 5895m. I can’t say the same for other operations – seeing people move at a relatively quick pace on the way up usually led to members of those groups getting carried down in pretty bad shape; we saw several helicopter evacs and more than a handful of people on oxygen looking pretty terrible. Pole pole is the key, and Herment and team ensured we weren’t sprinting up the mountain and were able to stop, take a ton of photos and enjoy what is actually a vacation. In the end, we all made it and it was a phenomenal experience.

Climb Kili is fantastic – look no further if you plan to climb Kilimanjaro.