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Jony Thanin Tabuteau–Canada

Jony Thanin Tabuteau–Canada

Overall, our experience was amazing.

At the core of this incredible experience was Herment, our lead guide, and the incredible team assembled during our time on the mountain.

From the start at the introductory briefing, Herment was nothing but professional, knowledgable, and motivational. He maintained this spirit throughout and ensured the experience was not only extremely fun for the group and tailored to our abilities, but safe as well. During the more challenging parts of the hike, such as the summit, his reassurance, motivational tone, and general experience on the mountain helped calm any nerves. I believe his leadership and guidance, along with the incredible support of the other two guides, were key contributors in all members of the group succeeding that day.

In addition, the team assembled for the hike were simply amazing too and our group always felt like someone was always looking out for us.

The team was extremely courteous, friendly, and made the experience what it was with their positive spirit and songs. Everything was always meticulously prepared for us throughout our time on the mountain from the food, the tents, or the camp facilities and the team really went above and beyond to ensure all needs were met to a consistently high standard. Herment’s management of this team too was unparalleled and you can really tell his teams wellbeing is of highest priority to him.

All in all, these factors made it feel more like a family climbing a mountain together.

Herment and his team made sure the experience was life changing and I can’t say enough how much their presence impacted it for the better.

All other aspects of the trip, such as airport transfers, hotel accommodations etc. were also great.

Thank you again for your help in organizing this trip for us and please pass on my compliments to the rest of the Climb Kili team.

I’ll be sure to echo the same positive experience across social media reviews too.