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Julian Kuz–US

Julian Kuz–US

I can strongly recommend Climbkili as the ultimate guided experience on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

First and foremost, I am grateful we had Herment Mosha as our guide. He has all the qualities of the best guides-extremely knowledgeable, superb athleticism, safety-minded, kindness, friendliness, and empathy. He also has tremendous management skills as I noted with his interactions with the other Climbkili guides and staff. I have had over forty mountain guides in various locations and I can say that Herment stands with the best. In the U.S., the best mountain guides are called the “guide’s guide” as other guides aspire to be as good as them. Herment is a “guide’s guide.” This man has over 174 summits on Kilimanjaro and the respect that guide’s from other groups give him is noticeable. The assistant guides, Goodlove and Florian, were extremely strong and dedicated to the groups success also.

The entire staff of porters was amazing. Not only did they perform the superhuman feat of moving and setting camp each day, they saw to it that it was as comfortable as possible. The meals were plentiful, hot, and helped us maintain our energy. Even more extraordinary was the staff’s friendliness and palpable joy in their work despite how challenging it is. These men are world class athletes and they also had great song/dance routines in the morning to motivate us upwards.

Climb Kili is also one of the few groups that has a permit for the Kosovo camp. The benefit of the Kosovo camp for the final high camp cannot be underestimated and I think it is an advantage for Climbkili that distinguishes it from others companies. Gaining the extra distance and altitude above the standard Barack camp the day before the summit attempt is key to a higher success rate.

On behalf of my son, girlfriend , and her daughter,and myself, I feel gratitude towards the entire staff and Herment, and fortunate that we went with Climbkili for our successful summits on Kilimanjaro. I will always recommend Climbkili and Herment