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k. Brisley–Japan

k. Brisley–Japan

When you are looking for a company to lead you to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, you tend to look for one with the highest quoted success rate. After my wife and I and 5 new friends made it to the top, led by Joseph from ClimbKili , you should be asking do I trust life with the guide with the company leading each climb.

Joseph and his team of assistants and posters were absolutely brilliant. They wanted everyone to succeed, but with an eye for safety for the whole group. All of us made it to the top and our team had a lot of fun doing it.

We are now friends for life.

From the rents we stayed in; to the waiter bringing us hot water and tea every morning; to our cook successfully catering for us and making a cake for joe for his birthday and catering for two gluten intolerant hikers; to our porters being tremendous and meeting us two miles from camp on our return and helping us to the top and down…. ClimbKili is the best.

Finally our ground team in Arusha helped tremendously.

All round an amazing experience of a lifetime.