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Kim Roy–US

Kim Roy–US

I honestly cannot say enough to adequately praise ClimbKili and their staff, guides and porters but I will do my best to summarize our experience.

Tiffany, our first point of contact was very responsive to every question we had leading up to the trip. Our team of guides and porters were exceptional.

Amani Minja, our lead guide, was very experienced, professional and a great leader of the massive team that took us up the mountain. Amani briefed us every evening on the day ahead, checked our heart rate and oxygen levels 2x’s a day, and observed our health and safety throughout the climb. He is also a wonderful human and a complete joy to hike with each day. Our assistant guides Dismus and Sosta were also top notch. They guided us up the mountain at the perfect pace and did a great job teaching us about the mountain and the various areas in which we were hiking. The cook and waiter (Baltazhar Mosha and Baltazhar Minja) were amazing. The food and service was top notch. It was very clear on the mountain that we were getting the best service as people were sitting on a rock eating soggy sandwiches at Lava Tower, we had a hot 4 course meal in our dining tent. I will thoroughly miss Baltazhar Minja’s beautiful smile greeting me every morning with hot coffee. The rest of the crew was amazing as well. The porters are the backbone of the operation and we had the best on the mountain. Not only did they carry loads of our stuff through tough terrain…they sang to us every morning for motivation…stood over our tents as security guards when we were having breakfast, lunch and dinner in the mess tent…and made sure we were safe and happy at every stage of the climb. Special shout out to Yusuph Yondy (a porter that summited with us for extra support!)

One other important note, ClimbKili camps at Kosovo Camp the night before summit, while most other outfitters camp at Barafu camp 1000 feet below. This cuts an hour or two off of your summit push in the middle of the night. I saw the difference this made first hand on the mountain on summit day. I cannot stress enough how much this puts you at an advantage on summit day.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about our crew. If you are trying to decide which company to go with CHOOSE CLIMBKILI!! You will not regret it!

We also booked a 5 day safari with ClimbKili. We had a wonderful time and our driver Charles was an absolute joy. We saw all of the Big 5 and Charles was amazing at spotting the wildlife and informing us about the region and the animals.

Summiting Kilimanjaro was an amazing experience. But, the team that took us up the mountain 100% made the experience. I seriously miss them. A piece of my heart will always remain in Tanzania with the beautiful people that we encountered through ClimbKili.