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Lesley Green–US

Lesley Green–US

I LOVED my trip! Oh. My. God! Seraphin, Douglas, and JonJon were AMAZING!!!! The. Best. Guides. Ever! Which I’m sure everyone says about their guides, but I’m telling you these three were THE BEST!!!

They got us all up that mountain and back down again! Seraphin is clearly working his passion. The pure look of joy on his face especially on summit night kept my nerves calm and allowed me to keep focused on our dream. Seraphin, Douglas and JonJon had a mantra for us – One Team – One Dream. It was perfect! I’m sure we are not the only “team” with a “dream” that they have lead and continue to lead, but they made us feel like we were! And I’m just really happy and proud to be a part of their team that reached its dream!

I completed the Trip Adviser post, I’m hoping to put together a video/slide show as some point as well. We have SO MANY pictures, one of us was a professional photographer, which was a treat. I’ve attached a couple of my favorites.

Thank you! Thank you – for providing an outstanding, well organized company with such nice, amazing people – from Seraphin, to JonJon, to Douglas to ALL the porters, to Dana and all the hotel staff, this trip had been a dream for 10 years, in planning for 2 years and I’m still in awe that it’s now behind me. I don’t want to let it go, I’ve been home two weeks and I still look at my pictures everyday because something in my day to day reminds me of something from my eight amazing days of adventure.

Anyway – thank you and I wish you and the entire ClimbKili.com team all my best,