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Nevena Evtimova – UK

Nevena Evtimova – UK

We had an amazing time, the team was amazing! Everyone did a great job and they made it so easy for us to reach the top. Special thanks to Emanuel and Veda without whom we wouldn’t be able to make this dream come true – they were extremely supportive, they carried our backpacks for a few hours on the night of the climb when we were sooo tired. They became family to us, we really hope we’ll meet them again one day.

Oh, I need the cook’s recipes! 🙂 His meals were fantastic! We’ve never had a better appetite in our lives!

I’ve attached a picture from the top for your hall of fame 🙂

Oh, one more thing – the Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge was AMAZING!!! The meals were absolutely FANTASTIC and the whole atmosphere on the inside was superb, the room, the view… Apart from reaching the summit, staying at this lodge was our next favourite part of the trip!
If we ever decide to do another safari, or even climb Kilimanjaro again, we’ll definitely get in touch with you! Thank you again for all your help!