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Rachel Gray–US

Rachel Gray–US

I climbed Kili Dec 1-7 2016 using Climb Kili as the operator. Not enough can be said about what a fantastic crew Climb Kili is. From working with Tiffany on logistics to the actual climb with our guide Joseph (who I recommend), I had an amazing time from start to finish. The climb itself is easy (assuming you’re acclimated and experienced) but if you happen to struggle, the guides are exceptionally skilled at keeping you going. Some people in my group struggled tremendously to summit and the guides practically carried them up and down the mountain. Their genuine concern for us was touching! I also really appreciated the guides letting me move forward and allowing me to move at my pace instead of having to wait on others.

I really have no complaints about Climb Kili and feel fortunate that they were my operator. However, a word to the wise: don’t hesitate to contact Tiffany and ask her about the other individuals in your group. Whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced climber, be sure to find out (if you can) what skill level the other people in your group are! Hopefully, you will be able to join a group that is right for you. This is a lesson I have learned from my recent trip with Climb Kili and I wish I had thought of it before scheduling my trip.

If you’re curious about tipping: the recommendation given to me was between $250-$300 dollars and I followed that advice. However, if I could have given more I gladly would have.

Should I decide to summit Kili again via another route, I’ll be sure to contact Climb KilI!