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Randy and Vicki Lord–US

Randy and Vicki Lord–US

We finally had a chance to catch our breaths, do a bunch of laundry, pay bills, and catch up here at home.  I finally am able to get back to you, climbkili, and safari summit with our comments.

In summary, thank you so much for all that you and the staff did for us to make our visit so memorable!  You’ll see the testimonial in the other section, so I won’t repeat myself here.  But i do want to say that all the drivers were very friendly; great representatives.  The guides were excellent (both for the climb and the safari).  But i was very surprised at the support staff responses to the inevitable hiccups and revisions.  The seamless adaptions to the last-minute flight change made a potential nightmare scenario just disappear.  It was very impressive to be able to meet face to face with Lesseni in Stonetown, talk about our issues and preferences, then to see it magically unfold into a great resolution.  (please extend my thanks to all that were involved).  And when we decided to fly to Arusha early, it was such a welcome relief to see the Climbkili sign at the airport, then be able to rest (and actually take showers!) at the Safari Summit hotel.  Wow!  Again, please thank everybody there for us.

Oh, and I forgot to include our summit shot (for the testimonial that I already submitted).  Please include this in our testimonial.

thanks again!

Randy and Vicki

Ps – as a retired project manager, I was very impressed with your project management.  Nice job!