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Rory and Alexandra — UK

Rory and Alexandra — UK

Happy New year’s.

Alex and I just returned back to London last night. We wanted to thank you and Climbkili crew for all your help and a really great adventure!

Particularly wanted to acknowledge Hermant and Goodloves crew!! Absolute professionals and experts as mountain guides and really good fun too. We noticed they add so many little extras to make the experience a cut above the rest (even among other Climbkili crews). Private drinking and handwashing facilities at caml, hot tea on summit night ascent, detailed briefs with gear tips for the following days, and tested stratergies to preventing Altitude sickness etc. These make such a difference when undertaking a challenge like this.

We are not certain that we would have reached the summit without the help of these two and their team.

We felt in safe hands the whole time. And when Alex did lose vision in both eyes on the summit descent from dust, Herment/Goodlove took great care in assisting her to camp safely. We saw other groups where hikers were stumbling down dangerous sections of trail, looking drunk with fatigue and Altitude sickness, with their guide unattentive and some metres infront of them. Really looked like a nasty fall or faceplant waiting to happen!

Will be passing on our recommendations for Climbkili and this crew to any family and friends headed to Kilimanjaro.

Please pass on our thanks to everybody in Herment and Goodloves crew and the office based staff who made this a trip of a lifetime for us.

Kind Regards
Rory and Alex