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Sarah Thompson–US

Sarah Thompson–US

I couldn’t wait until we returned home to comment on what an amazing experience our climb was. We climbed with the most amazing group of people possible. It was very clear when we met our lead guide Herment, that he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced- we knew we were in very good hands . Over the course of the week, I not only gained a huge amount of respect for Herment , and our assistant guides Goodlove, Ponzi, and Seraphin, we became friends as well. There was great attention to our safety and physical well being but they also kept us laughing and smiling all the way to the summit. Our team of porters was superhuman -running up the mountain calling a friendly “Jambo” as they went. Eugene, who served our meals, has the best smile in all of Africa !

This was truly the experience of a lifetime , made so by Herment and his group .

Thank you