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Steph Wiserman–US

Steph Wiserman–US

Hi Daniel and David,

I went on Climb Kili last month, on the trip that summited the 27th, 7 day Machame route. Emanuel was the guide for me and 4 others.

I decided to do the trek rather last minute by myself, which as you can imagine was nerve-racking. And being a NYC native the most height I can acclimate to is a high rise building with my cardio workouts consisting of boutique soul cycle classes. Bottom line, I was determined but worried I would not make it.

I can not extend my gratitude to the staff you have put together and who lead our trip and ensured we made it safe and sound. Emanuel personally made sure I was comfortable and healthy all along the way, and post summit when I was having some issues breathing did all the right things to monitor me but not scare me into believing I was dying (I was not thankfully, but I did get a nasty sinus infection 🙂

I realize that climbing the mountain is a once in a lifetime experience regardless, but it really was only enhanced by the entire crew that got us up there. Whether it was the little show they put on for us on Christmas, or constant dance parties post-hike – the team was kind, friendly, encouraging, and happy to be along on the trip – it really made the difference.

I hope you can pass along this feedback to any of the other management at Climb Kili or Emanuel himself!