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Vyjayanthi Raja–US

Vyjayanthi Raja–US

My husband and I just finished a truly marvelous trip in Tanzania and have ClimbKili to thank for all of it!

Preparing for the trip

Tiffany was organized, super responsive and patient. We would email her almost weekly with some silly question or the other and within 24 hours, we’d have our answer. And all of her arrangements worked like clockwork – from the moment ClimbKili picked us up at the bus stop to the day we were dropped back there, our trip was smooth and hassle free.

Kilimanjaro climb

Herment Mosha and team helped us navigate the Machame route up Mt Kilimanjaro and they were FANTASTIC from start to finish. Quite apart from being indispensable to the success of our Kili journey, the entire team went above and beyond to make us feel welcome, comfortable and entertained during the trip. Herment was an excellent lead guide – friendly, organized, vastly knowledgeable – and Serafin (assistant guide) was wonderful as well. They set us up on a brisk yet comfortable pace from day 1 and were quick to assist anytime we had difficulties – they had to help me out a lot with the slippery downhill portions and were always so patient and motivating! Early on we discovered that Herment is also really well versed in the flora and fauna on Kili and we plagued him with requests to identify flowers, trees, critters, rocks, anything we encountered on the mountain – he happily obliged every time. The food we had each day was outstanding! Anthony was cooking better meals at 14000ft than I’m capable of making at my sea-level home! We also got so used to waking up to Augustino’s friendly “Hello!” each morning as he gave us our morning beverages that we really missed it for the first couple of days off the mountain! We grew to deeply admire each one of our porters – they would leave camp at least a half hour after us each morning but always overtake us on the way and reach the next camp in plenty of time to set everything up before we arrived. And in spite of all the work they did, they still had the energy to laugh and joke around – it was wonderful! One of our favourite memories of the trip has to be of the entire team singing the mountain songs for us – we tried our best to learn the lyrics and join in.

Getting to Uhuru Peak, grueling as it was, was a moment in our lives we will never forget! Equally unforgettable, however, was the experience of a 7 day climb with the nicest, most supportive team we could have asked for.

Safari to Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area

We did the 2 day safari with Laurence and it was a mind blowing experience! I have never seen so much diverse wildlife in such a short span of time! Laurence was a wonderful safari guide. He had a surreal knack for spotting wildlife that we had a hard time noticing even after he pointed them out – from rock hyraxes that looked exactly like the rocks they were sitting on to lions that were perfectly camouflaged by similarly colored grass to an owl completely obscured in the foliage of a tree – we were truly impressed. What was even cooler was the way he had the name of every single bird/animal we encountered right at his fingertips, along with a couple of facts about them. He showed us the various books he consulted for identification and we actually bought one of his recommendations later on, to help us sort through our photos. And the best part was how patient he was – even when we spent over half an hour at the Hippo pool, trying to photograph every last bird and critter we could find.

I would highly recommend ClimbKili to anyone considering a Kilimanjaro climb or Tanzanian safari! Attached are a few photos from our trip.

Best regards,
Vyjayanthi Raja