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Mount Kilimanjaro Tours & Safari

Climb Kili is the premier trekking company for climbing Kilimanjaro and Tanzania safaris. Our Kilimanjaro guides have been assisting adventures from all over the world climb Kilimanjaro for nearly three decades. At Climb Kili, we pride ourselves in providing the safest Mt Kilmanjaro treks with our certified equipment and professional Mt Kilmanjaro Guides. Make your reservation for a Kilmanjaro tour today!

What Sets Climb Kili Apart?

Updates & News

  • Can I Climb Kilimanjaro Right Now?

    Can I Climb Kilimanjaro Right Now?

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    UPDATE 14 October, 2020: YES, Kilimanjaro is OPEN! Climb Kili is one of the only companies with clients climbing Kilimanjaro and operating safari during Corona virus Covid 19. The US Ambassador to Kenya is encouraging travel to East Africa and Read more ›Read More »
  • Kilimanjaro Honeymoon and Safari

    Kilimanjaro Honeymoon and Safari

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    After the I Do’s comes the question of how to experience an unforgettable Honeymoon. What better way to start your new chapter together then a Kilimanjaro Honeymoon! This has been one of Climb Kili’s specialties over the years and we Read more ›Read More »
  • Beware of Kilimanjaro Scam Tour Companies

    Beware of Kilimanjaro Scam Tour Companies

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    It happened again. The second call we received this month. “I’ve placed our deposit with a Kilimanjaro tour company, and now they are no longer in business.” This time is was ‘Climbing Kilimanjaro, a sub company from Destination Africa.’ Said Read more ›Read More »

Kilimanjaro Tour Guide Reviews

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