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Climb Kili

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Climb Kili only guides climbs on the routes that provide the greatest scenery and experience of Mt Kilimanjaro while safely achieving the highest opportunity of summit success. We guide the Machame and Lemosho routes with each having their respective benefits. As seen on our three dimensional route map, these two routes eventually conjoin between Shira Camp 1 and 2 while every route on Kili exits via Mweka Camp.

7 Day Machame Route:

The Machame (mah-cha-may) trek begins in the rain forest with more aggressive terrain and rich landscapes. This shorter route climbs steeper in the first two days of the trek and is considered by many the most scenic route on Kilimanjaro.

8 Day Lemosho Route:

(leh-mo-shoe) This Western Approach starts at a higher altitude and is a longer route providing a more gradual ascent with more time to acclimatize. This is the least traveled route, allowing a more peaceful and enjoyable trek without the usual crowds found on other more high traffic camps.

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