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Climb Kili Reviews

Kilimanjaro Tour Guide Reviews….

Our greatest compliments come from those who have taken the journey with us and returned to post our Climb Kili Kilimanjaro tour guide reviews. With our over 1,000 Climb Kili reviews below, you can see why Climb Kili has double the TripAdvisor Reviews then any other company on KILI! If you would like to share your comments, photos, and video please email

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Kristen M–US

I am so grateful for my experience, and Climb Kili is what made my trip a success! You have been so helpful every step of the way through the entire process and I cannot thank you enough, Tiffany! Every single staff person I encountered went above and beyond in making sure I was comfortable - from airport pick up to hotel transfer and everything in between! Sia was instrumental in making sure all the finer details (like COVID testing) were taken care of so all I needed to focus on was my climb. I was thoroughly impressed with everyone's level of professionalism. Amani was my guide along with a team of 7 porters. They left me speechless throughout the week with how hard they work! I was so grateful to have Amani by my side. He truly is one of a kind! His calm, peaceful demeanor was infectious and I enjoyed every second of my time on the mountain with him and the rest of the team! I truly wouldn't have been able to do it without them all. They were determined to make sure I had the best experience - and I absolutely did! After my climb, I was so excited to venture out for my 3 day safari. Steven was my guide and so enjoyable to be with for the few days! I was very, very sad to leave. This was truly a trip of a lifetime...a magical, life changing experience I will NEVER forget!

Ben McIntire–US

Just returned from our expedition to the summit of Kilimanjaro and 2 day safari to the Ngorongoro crater. We chose ClimbKili, and I can't say enough positive things about them. Our guides Emanuel and Vader led us to the summit by Lemosho for a 7 day trek. They crafted an excellent route up the mountain that provided for easy acclimatization. Our chef Magambo fueled us up the mountain with multi-course meals, and our porters always had the camp ready and waiting for us. The company was attentive to the details of the ever-changing covid travel requirements, and provided for a seamless transition from the USA to Africa and back. I highly recommend ClimbKili, and would use them again in a heartbeat

Dave Firman–US

The guides, porters and staff organizing the trip were all great! I highly recommend using Climb Kili for climbing Kili and for the safari. Hermant was our guide on Kili and I would ask for him

George Cruz–US

My climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro with ClimbKili exceeded all expectations. From planning stage with Tiffany to arrival reception to the actual climb with guides Herment, Desmis and Goodlove Climb Kili excelled. Guides attention to details regarding our safety and health was outstanding. Head guide Herment was nicknamed the magic man: there was no problem he did not magically solve. Entire group summited and had a blast along the way thanks to top knotch team. BTW: food was excellent and abundant. Lots of fun with the crew. Trip of a lifetime... THANKS AGAIN CLIMBKILI!!