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Kilimanjaro the Wonder of Africa

While some people believe Alaska and northern Canada feature some of the last vistas of pristine wilderness, they forget that Africa has its own wondrous areas as well. That is why we at Climb Kili take pride in being a major Kilimanjaro trekking, Safari, and Zanzibar company in Tanzania.

Gearing Up for an Adventure

Our Kilimanjaro mountain guides are experts in leading and guiding adventurers on the best routes to take and what equipment to use while on a safari or trek. We at Climb Kili ensure tourists’ safety too by using certified equipment on our trips.

Destinations of Note

So, which one of the Kilimanjaro tours would you like to take? We host a variety of treks up the mountain as well as take participants through various Tanzania game reserves on our safari excursions. We feature travel through such places as the Serengeti National Park, the Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater Area.

An Abundance of Wildlife

One of the popular safaris that we host from among our safari tours is the one that takes guests through Serengeti National Park – a very popular area for safari-type journeys. Not only are the fauna abundant in the park, the area is a beautiful sanctuary. Regardless of whether the animals are viewed migrating over the plains or grazing in natural spots in the park, Africa is seen in its entire splendor in this grassy and verdant area.

Making Sure Your Climb or Safari Is Safe

Therefore, it is really up to you whether you want to take a safari or attempt a climb on one of our Kilimanjaro tours here at Climb Kili. We can provide you with all your equipment needs and answer any questions that you may have about either adventure trip. After all, that is our job. We want to ensure that we fully accommodate your travel and safety needs.

Review your Tour Options

So, if you have been considering taking a trip to Africa, we can make the decision easy for you to make. Here at Climb Kili, we can direct you as to your choice of gear and review the itinerary with you for your safari or trek. Do not make a decision about a trip until you have carefully surveyed the planned activities. Once you take time to view your options, you will be able to put your travel plans in motion.