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Kilimanjaro Coronavirus Covid-19 Information

Can I climb Kilimanjaro and Safari right now? YES!

CLIMB KILI is trekking Kilimanjaro and out on Safari everyday right now. While Coronavirus Covid-19 Information for Kilimanjaro and Tanzania can change, all Climb Kili and Safari operations are fully functioning.

Tanzania is Open–NEGATIVE COVID tests may be required upon arrival into Tanzania. Also, you will take a mandatory rapid test at the airport. There are Countries who have recently changed their Covid requirements even to transfer through their airports. Climb Kili facilitates your negative Covid testing within the 24 Hour window required to enter the United States. Any country, any requirements, We have you covered from when you arrive to when you depart!

8 JUNE 2020: President John Magufuli has lifted international flight bans and removed the 14 day quarantine for foreigners. There may be temperature checks to all arriving passengers. All Climb Kili Kilimanjaro and Safari tours are available and operational. However International flights into JRO may be canceled due to lack of passengers. We have the Airlines, Countries and flight itineraries that will help you arrive into JRO. Contact us today.

Safety is and always will be our highest priority for our clients and staff. As the situation is updating daily, we wanted to reassure you of the current landscape on Kilimanjaro and safari.

• Our mountain and safari operations are fully functioning, and our entire staff has received extensive training on sterilization, distancing and overall preparation for our clients’ health and well-being.

• Tanzania was one of the best prepared countries during Ebola of 2014 with their medical monitoring and containment strategies, the same has been implemented with Coronavirus COVID-19 measures.

We are here for you with any questions and concerns. Regarding final payment and rescheduling:

• With our Lifetime Deposit you can book with confidence and reschedule at any time if needed. We are waiving any climbing rebooking fees but please review our terms regarding Safari and Zanzibar.

t’s our recommendation to keep preparing and training and we’ll adjust together as the situation develops.

Stay healthy, stay positive, keep hiking (where possible!) and we’ll see you at the top!

Climb Kili Family